Sunday, 6 September 2009

- Sofia Coppola's Scrapbook -

I know what you wore last season

Can u guys spot the Hermes Kelly bag in White?? Tres Chic . These pages are so beautiful, full of life experiences and future ideas. I actually really enjoy putting togather a scrapbook or even a goal book. Try it its pretty easy, collect some images that some up what you love or want in the future and just start pasting away. Dont forget to also include photos of yourself, family and friends.There's really no actual way to do it, have a goo and see.
By the way this spread is featured in Vogue Paris xx


  1. sophia coppola - i really like her!
    she's the one who directed Marie Antoinette which was amazzzziiing

  2. i like her work to, shes an amazing when it comes to seasonal campaigns, great photographer and stylist.