Monday, 30 November 2009

- 301109-

Source: Barestyle

The denim shorts look so cool on, i love how their baggy but still compliment her figure. xx

- Flowers -

Source: Le Cheap c'est Chic

The combination of the flower print dress and the grey suede thigh high boots looks amazing... i would have never thought of putting the two togather... crazy about this outfit. Must try it out soon.. hope you guys had a great weekend.. mine was full of studying but then i cracked and ended up going out saturday night lool, besides the rain it was great fun.. how about you, what did u get upto this weekend ?? xx

- Lucy carr ellison -

Source: Studded Hearts

Really need to invest in a fur hat, the one she's wearing in the first pic is adorable, cest chic xx

Friday, 27 November 2009

- Melanie Huynh -

Source: Shootthebreeze & Tfs

One of my favourite ladies from the vogue paris team, i love how confident she is in what she wears....  the givenchy shoes in the first image are amazing.... as usual she's dressed in french designers from head to toe, fabulous xx

- Anna Feller -

Source: StuddedHearts

Shredded denim and sweats.. perfect combination, comfortable and chic loool. Went to topshop today right after uni i desperatley needed to get a new pair of black jeans, ofcourse i ended up getting more than i planned. Promise to post some pics later. Happe Eid everyone !! xx

Thursday, 26 November 2009

- Feel it -

Source: StockholmStreetSyle

Those YSL boots are simply amazing, i want!!

- Julia Roitfeld -

Source: Chic Cherie

I just love everything about her... what an amazing life she must have xx

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

- Dj Alex -

Source: tfs

- Numero Korea -

Source: Fashiongonerogue

Stunning pieces in this spread, now iv really got to go back to writting my essay.. im soo bad i keep delaying it for no reason lool. Have a good day everyone.. just to let you know iv got a large collection of images that iv been collecting for years so please dont hesitate to ask me for some requests, just shoot me an e-mail and il try to get to it as soon as i can.

Peace xx

- JessicaHart-

 Source: Jessica Hart Blog & Lovemoreblog

I love everything about this girl, she seariously has true style!!! Check out here blog, click the link below

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

- In love with leopard -

Source: Vogue Paris Spread

The spread is soo creative i love it, never thought leopard and leopard combined could look good on but it actually does... only for editorial reasons ofcourse. xx

- Tuesday Morning -

Source: JustJared and Unknown

Sorry iv been a-wall, my internet was down for a couple of days for some annoying reason. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Here's a little something to make up for my disapearance xx

Saturday, 21 November 2009


Source: I Know what you wore last season

Stunning Spread!!! I need to add cream sweaters to my winter wishlist. Loving the combination of denim, cream and black leather xx

- AW-

Source: Le Flash

Just ordered this baby.. promise to post some pics once it arrives!! xx

- Class -

 Source: Le Cheap C'est Chic

Not surprised by her fabulousness.. i actually met her at topshop oxford circus once, she's even more beautiful in person. xx

Friday, 20 November 2009

- PFW -

Source: Style and the City

How do they manage to look this chic all the time? Im telling you it must be their french bloood lool.. their outfits are always a reflection of perfection!! Emmanuelle and Geraldine are my parisian heros xx

Thursday, 19 November 2009

- Dree Part II -

Source: I know what you wore last season

My latest Girl Crush!!