Friday, 11 September 2009

- Leather Pants -

Le Fashion

Thats it, im investing in a pair of leather pants and suede thigh high boots. I cant resist no more lool xx


  1. that's what i said last year until i poured myself into said skinny unbelievably expensive pants and realized that a) i could barely breathe in them b) if i ever sat down said pants would rip c) anything shinny on thighs is a no no for me. Now if i had Daria's gams - yes, yes i would buy a truckload of them.... sigh....... i'm thiking perhaps suede ones?

  2. god thats true, it would so happen to me. i could maybe overlook the leather pants but the thigh high boots are definitely happening, pants or no pants loool. Thanks for the comment keeping coming back xx