Sunday, 20 December 2009

Erin Kaplan

Source: tfs


  1. She seems so normal here. On the show, she appears to be disgruntled and unhappy with life in general. Which one is it? Fake for TV ratings maybe?

  2. i think she just hates olivia... i agree with her though she's such a typical socialite, very spoiled

  3. i don't think that's the case guys...she is just one of those tough cookies that love her job so much she takes it seriously!! not a bad thing at all

    as for olivia, honestly how could you NOT hate her? i'm pretty sure its not acting. that's why i like the city more. (cept for roxy, she's fake)

    i HATE the hills though. from the start, it was all scripted. but whitney on the city is a real gem, very natural.