Saturday, 10 October 2009

- Sheer Mornings -

Le Cheap C'est Chic
Makes me wanna invest in some sheer white panties and bra. Hag on i think a lready have a pair somewhere lool. Good News finally got my life togather, my research is going ok so far, but i got a good feeling about my dissertation topic.. its interesting and 'very me'. I have a huge smile on face today.. life is good and im very thankful for everything. Its not easy being positive when ur stressed out but im trying, that counts for something right??


  1. hi i like the style of your blog :) i agree with that last line of yours! what's your dissertation topic about :)

  2. thank you, its greatly appreciated. Im actually writting about the distribution channel luxury brands use to sell premium fashion products lool boring but creative i guess..