Tuesday, 18 August 2009

- Shes's got it -

Carolines Mode
Caroline at http://caroline.feber.se/ is by far my favourite blogger, her style is simple, classic yet personal. I love how she mixes diffrent textures to create the ' biker/ parisian chic look'. iv noticed that her accesories are always somewhat designery which is good as im all about quality not quantity. Always think long term with what your buying i know it seems like soo much effort but you'll end up benefiting from it. Disect every angle, how can you wear it, with what and how many times?? will it last for a long time and is the asking price worth it?? I just hate buying clothes that i never wear because they were an 'impulse buy'. We've all been there loool but im startin to control myself more now (not easy).
Right now she's wearing an Alexander Wang saddle bag & boots, an H&M menswear sweater and a Black Blazer. Its the perfect fall outfit. It can also still be summery due to the short sweater. I die!!!

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